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About fenaco cooperative


fenaco is an agricultural cooperative based on a 150-year-old idea. It is owned by 153 LANDIs and their 42,000 members, including over 23,000 active Swiss farmers. As a supplier, fenaco offers farmers a wide range of products, services and technologies they need for sustainable, efficient and market-oriented farming, regardless of the production method. As a marketing partner, it ensures that high-quality, Swiss-produced food gets to the customer — from fruit and vegetables to potatoes, grains, eggs, meat and beverages. Some of fenaco’s most well-known brands include the feed manufacturer UFA, the fertilizer distributor LANDOR, the beverage manufacturer RAMSEIER Suisse, the winery Provins, the meat processor Ernst Sutter, the retail companies Volg and LANDI as well as the energy supplier AGROLA.