The tours

During the congress, you will have the opportunity to get to know Swiss agriculture better on a tour. 

Tour A: Eastern Switzerland
Tradition meets innovation

In Eastern Switzerland, tradition meets innovation. We visit farms that use innovative ideas for direct marketing and public relations. The landscape with its scattered individual farms, rolling hills and mountains is charming. The area is agricultural and traditional.

Tour B: Swiss Midland

Vegetable, On-farm slaughter and sustainable cropping systems

The Central Plateau («Mittelland») stretches from Lake Geneva in the southwest to Lake Constance in the northeast. It is the most densely populated region in Switzerland, and agriculture is practiced on about half of the area.

Tour C: From Emmental to Simmental

Alpine farming, cheesemaking and machinery

Main subjects of this tour are sustainability, cheese production, mechanization and mountain farming under difficult alpine conditions. Cow lovers will have the possibility to see the home of the world famous Simmental cattle and touch them. Another focus will be a presentation of machinery for the mountain farmers that you will see in action. 

Tour D: Valais

 Wine, Fruit and Alpine Milk Production in the «Matterhorn Valley».


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The Valais is a canton in southern Switzerland, home to the pyramid-shaped Matterhorn. We will get to know mountain pastures with milk and cheese production, first-class vineyards and fruit cultivation in the Rhone Valley. At the agricultural school we will receive information on agriculture in the Valais.

Tour E: Central Switzerland

Discover diversified farms in Central Switzerland: Cattle, pigs, mushrooms, Cellar cheese and the Burgrain concept on sustainability.

On this tour you will visit Central Switzerland, learn more about mushroom production in a mountain town and take a look at projects to to reduce methane and ammonia emissions. 

During the tours we are on the road with coaches from "Sommer Reisen, Grünen/Emmental".