Tour C: Emmental to Simmental

Alpine farming, cheesemaking and machinery

This tour will bring you to the heart of the famous Emmental and of the Swiss Alps. Places like Gstaad and Grindelwald in the Bernese Oberland are well known ski and hiking resorts all over the world. You will have plenty of opportunity to see beautiful landscapes, from the lush hills of the Emmental to the harsh rocks of the Oberland. But we also show you some other aspects of the two famous and attractive regions. 


Main subjects are sustainability, cheese production, mechanization and mountain farming under difficult alpine conditions. Cow lovers will have the possibility to see the home of the world famous Simmental cattle and touch them. Another focus will be a presentation of machinery for the mountain farmers that you will see in action. And not to forget, we will present you the best local food made by our farmers and maybe even some yodeling. You will not be disappointed if you choose this tour. 


The tour visits at a glance:

  • Visit of ThermoSem in Lyssach, the only facility in Switzerland for the ecological steam treatment of cereal seeds against seed-borne diseases. This is an important step to reduce the input of pesticides.
  • Visit of Emmental Show Dairy in Affoltern in the Emmental. This is the cradle of the worlds most famous and most copied cheese. Here you will be able to follow up close with the production and have the chance to make our own little cheese. Here we will have lunch and taste the real Emmental.
  • We move on the Bernese Oberland. Our first station is an alpine farm where we will enjoy a demonstration of alpine farm machinery with all their specific demands. 
  • Finally we will an alp summer operation where we will be introduced to Simmental cattle and have dinner, alp style.    

You'll see the Aebi TP 470 Vario, the Rigitrac SKH 75 and the Schiltrac in action. (Photos: Aebi-Schmidt/Knüsel/Schiltrac Fahrzeugbau))

You'll visit the home of the world famous Simmental cattle. (jin)
You'll visit the home of the world famous Simmental cattle. (jin)